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Rodeo Drive Waterless Car Wash

California's long drought threatens many people's access to clean, safe drinking water. For that reason we are deciding to explore the option of bringing a waterless car wash service to Rodeo Drive. Please take a few moments to contribute your preferences on this matter.

*A waterless car wash consists of a high lubricity pre-mixed spray detailer which heavily saturates a panel to carefully wipe away any dirt or road grime, leaving a dry shine.

Will you use a waterless car wash service at the Rodeo Collection?
If you would use the waterless car wash service, how often would it be?
What days of the week would you choose to wash your car? You may choose more than one option
Which washing service will you be mainly using?

Leave us your details so we can keep you updated regarding the waterless car wash service

Thank you for your time!

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