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Welcome to Footnanny Rodeo Foot Spa, a haven of foot-focused luxury, crafted by the renowned Celebrity Pedicurist, Gloria L. Williams.


Indulge in the same exceptional foot care experienced by some of the biggest A-list Celebs at our exclusive Footnanny Rodeo Foot Spa, nestled within the prestigious Rodeo Collection. As the personal Pedicurist to none other than the iconic Oprah Winfrey, Gloria has honed her craft to perfection.


Our exquisite Foot Spa Menu features a selection of treatments designed to pamper and revitalize, including newly added Manicure and Foot Massage Add Ons. Immerse yourself in the ultimate one-on-one experience as our dedicated team tends to your every need in the privacy of your own opulent room. Extend your blissful moments of relaxation after your service, knowing that luxury and tranquility await. 


To enhance your journey, each guest receives a rejuvenating Foot Scan with the state-of-the-art Aetrex 3D Scanner during their initial spa visit—a testament to our commitment to your holistic well-being. Additionally, we provide brand new implements upon each visit, including cuticle nippers , nail clippers, nail files, and foot buffers, ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. 


Unlock the key to effortless indulgence with our exclusive Memberships at Footnanny Rodeo Foot Spa. Revel in relaxation at your leisure, or delight a loved one with the gift of a truly rejuvenating experience. 


Celebrating a decade of excellence, select Footnanny products have received the coveted honor of being included on Oprah's Favorite Things for holiday shoppers, solidifying our dedication to unrivaled quality. 


To experience the epitome of luxury foot care, simply call 310-620-1485 to schedule your appointment, or effortlessly book online at Fresha, where convenience meets sophistication.


For a truly bespoke and memorable gift, our E-Gift Certificates can be purchased in person or effortlessly emailed to your lucky recipient through this link: 


We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to soothe and beautify your feet at Footnanny Rodeo Foot Spa, where opulence, impeccable foot care, and cleanliness converge. 


Footnanny Rodeo Foot 

Spa 421 N. Rodeo Drive Garden Level G13 (Next Door To The Hideaway) 

Beverly Hills, CA 90210 

Gloria L. Williams 


Call 310-620-1485 

Text 310-746-6813 


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